Our Head Composers Veer Pandya & Dhawal Pandya have already gained some appreciation in the industry after bagging major projects within the span of 2 years as partners. This new music duo is super versatile when it comes to composing music.

Lyrics Writing

When an inspiration strikes, the only thing which can hold you back is when you are not able to give words to your beautiful melodies. This is when our team becomes handy. Our core team consists of versatile lyrics writers. Having experience of writing almost all kinds of songs, creating a tune and getting it penned immediately is not a difficult job here at our studio.

Music Production

Our Head Music Producers Veer Pandya and Dhawal Pandya have been working in the industry since last 8 years and they have successfully produced the tracks for numbers of Songs, Jingles, Background Score, Tv Shows, Movies etc.


“Where creativity meets quality.”
We are passionate to capture the “soul” of any instrument we record. We offer highly specialized recording techniques with a decent selection of equipment and microphone list to our clients. Our studio offers special co-ordinators for the recording to bring out the true potential out of the artists. we provide Vocal co-ordinator, rhythm co-ordinator, and guitar co-ordinator as and when necessary.

Dailogue Dubbing

We are specialized in dubbing as we prodive dubbing director while the dubbing happens which helps to lift up the artist’s potential and give out true emotions to the footage.

Sound Design

Sound and storytelling go hand in hand. Sound helps to create atmosphere, elicit emotion, and set the tone right. The Sound Designers at Total Audio Works are not only able to team with filmmakers to create an impeccable track, but are also able to tell a story that would otherwise be difficult to tell with picture alone.


After Having experience in numbers of project we have built one of the best Foley team to deliver Performance-oriented sound elements that can be created and recorded on site or studio by a team of talented Foley artists. Our Team is Headed by Amit Soni under the supervision of Veer Pandya.

Music Editing

After the scoring is complete it all comes down to Music Editing. Right Placement of Right Music can make even a generic scene look like it has a story to tell.


We are Total Audio Works offer fully digital mixing. Our talented and skilled mixing engineers mold each recording and treat every little audio source to give you supreme sound and definition.


“Final Touch”
The final touches of a mix are just like the signature on an excellent piece of art. It won’t just sound louder, it will sound better and bigger. We aspire to create a brand of every track that comes out with our label.

Audio Restoration

When dubbing is not an option you can go for and you have a file that is very important but the sound source was poorly recorded, Sound Restoration helps to solve the problem.